We vow to sizzle. Always. Everywhere.
Kobe Sizzlers & Steakhouse
Since 1975

DiscoverOur Story

Once upon a time, in Mumbai, nearly four decades ago, a journey began. Our journey.

It was 1975. And India’s first 70 mm stereophonic sound film had released at a theatre not very far from where we started off at about the same time. Sparking off an unprecedented wave of appreciation across the country, it was declared one of the biggest hits of all time. An iconic film. A brand. SHOLAY. Just a few kilometres from where it went on to ‘sizzle’ the screen for the next five and a half years, in a modest 600 square feet area, near India’s oldest surviving Opera House another brand was born. One that sizzles till date. It was christened, KOBE.

Thirty Eight years hence, with a footprint of more than twenty five national and international locations, they tell us, we are a pioneer. An icon. Like Sholay.

We, at Kobe Sizzlers, take that as a compliment.

And one more thing. We promise to continue what Sholay sparked. To carry forward the torch, the flames. To give a superb performance.


DiscoverOur Philosophy

Our philosophy is really very simple: Quality sizzlers. A warm and welcoming atmosphere. Good food and great personal service.

At the heart of our existence are sizzlers. We strive, every day, to achieve, improve and improvise on what we have been passionate about, since the time we dished out our first sizzler – bellowing steam – in 1975.Our ardent endeavor is to make you smack your lips and lick your forks with every sizzler that finds its way out of our kitchen, on to your table and into your hearts. We have a near obsessive dedication to quality and hygiene and take pride in being the early pioneers of sizzlers in the country. We try to make our sizzlers as much home grown and authentic as possible; using the best of ingredients, like we get the finest black pepper from Kerala for our pepper sauce, while all the sauces (pepper, garlic, mushroom, schezwan) are made in house. We are aware that we are bringing to you something that is niche, something that involves a great deal of culinary innovation. Hence our creative juices – or should we say sauces – are forever flowing.


We radiate warmth and offer personalized service which is professional, yet casual. Once you’ve stepped in, we want you to feel snug and comfortable. While you are here, we want you to leave the world behind you and immerse yourself in good food. We are a family restaurant which means we like the ambience to be convivial and welcoming where you can let your hair down with your loved ones. We are there to help you out with suggestions, and prescribe items on the menu to tickle your taste buds.


discoverOUR FOOD

Though Sizzlers are our signature meal, we have an assortment of offerings to suit varied palates.
Our extensive menu, designed by our highly experienced food experts, features a widespread range of salads, pastas, soups, rolls, pizzas, sandwiches, breakfast. And more.

But we are best known for our sizzlers. As they say, it’s our bread and butter.

If meat of the red and white kind is what you savour, then our famed chicken shashlik, or any one of the large selection of our steak and lamb sizzlers would be more than sufficient to satiate one ravenous appetite. We could replace the steak for you with a slab of paneer if a wholesome vegetable sizzler is what you are looking at. And if it is seafood that allures your taste buds, then voila! Amongst the seafood sizzlers in our listings, fish & prawns shashlikis what we have seen our long-time sea food enthusiasts swear by. All of this, laced with the choicest, traditional homemade sauces, the subtle flavours of which have been passed down generation to generation. Recipes of which are akin to well-kept trade secrets. You might want to top it all off with some of the beverages we tender. Hot, cold or inviting iced tea or coffee.

There is a Japanese saying about Kobe, the fifth largest Japanese city, famed for its cosmopolitan spirit; “If you can’t go to Paris, go to Kobe”

Alas, alcohol is the only thing we do not proffer. We are family after all.


discoverour people

We cherish our people and consider them our greatest capital. We are assured that each one will go to extra mile to make your experience with us pleasurable and memorable.

Everyone who works for us – works with us and tries to ensure that we can make you feel part of our ever expanding family…

It might interest you to know that we still have staff members who’ve worked with us since 1975. They are, in no small measure, responsible for the open, friendly culture that we have been known to embrace. The team emits high energy and is passionate about what they do.

You’ll love us.