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Food has always been the major reason for billions of people to work hard. The wide range of herbs and spices along with the sensational aroma of each dish does indeed create an aesthetic appeal. With tonnes of food festivals, held in different countries, more and more people are now exploring their passion for food.

Like this world, food also has witnessed almost in every country a variety of innovations and most importantly experimentations. Among this massive range of different cuisines, sizzlers hold an important position. Tracing its roots back to Japan, with its typical Japanese teppanyaki-sizzled dishes, this cuisine till date has been attracting more and more lovers worldwide. The entire technique includes the usage of sizzling temperatures, juicy meat, scrumptious veggies, spices and lots of love. All along it is ensured that it’s perfectly moist inside. The steam hissing sound acts as the final touch-up which truly creates a unique experience.

There are definitely many food chains already present in the Indian and in the international market that offers a variety of sizzlers; but when it comes to experiencing the real taste, Kobe Sizzlers proudly holds the leading position.

Sharing the sheer passion, Kobe has been able to attract more fans. It has also succeeded to mushroom multiple franchises. Offering great food, dedicated, professional yet friendly services, not to miss the perfect ambience, that can justify the respect for the sizzlers, Kobe Sizzlers is currently holding a massive audience.

Tracing back its roots till 1975, Kobe Sizzlers has now emerged to be a brand in itself. From Fish Sizzlers to Sizzling Brownies, Kobe ensures that its legacy of prioritising its customers, by satisfying their taste buds, is not compromised. While during the day, college students seem to flock the sizzling restaurant, the evenings of Kobe witness more and more families. With all these loving features, being cocooned under roof, nothing can please us more other than the fact that you now are a part of this big “sizzling” family.

With years of experience in offering the best sizzlers and service, Kobe till date has been one of the best family restaurants of all time. Offering both vegetarian and non-vegetarian sizzlers, along with some add-ons like iced-tea, rolls, pasta, salads, sandwiches and more, Kobe Sizzlers has succeeded to improve its sales turnover and profit margins. Understanding the typical tastes of Indians, Kobe has been catering the Indian foodies with just the right kinds of sizzlers with the right kinds of spices and herbs. And it is with this view to appeal more and to include more Indian members in this “sizzling” family, Kobe is now holding multiple franchises in multiple cities like Mumbai, Pune, Goa, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Delhi, Patiala and Amritsar.

We’re global.

As an international brand, Kobe is proud of its presence in the international food industry. We are sizzling in countries like New Zealand, Canada, Oman and Dubai.

Satiating the taste buds of so many along with having the obsessive dedication of serving nothing but lip-smacking yet hygienic range of sizzlers, it won’t be quite wrong to say that the official synonym of sizzlers has to be none but Kobe Sizzlers.

Being a popular international name, there is a Japanese saying that goes like “If you can’t go to Paris, go to Kobe.” And to make sure that everyone can experience this, it would be best to reach the masses; which definitely can’t be possible without your help. Join hands with Kobe Sizzlers now and let’s keep growing with more and more franchises. Together we definitely can create a big, happy “sizzling” family.

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