Because Kobe made your sizzlers!

Everybody loves a delight on their platter and we wish to serve our customers with their best. Great emphasis is given to the quality and taste that comes out of a dish served, the key to every revisit? Yes, it’s the Taste. The love for good food has always been an intangible aspect of people’s lives be it a sophisticated Frenchmen, a disciplined China man or the diversely rich Indian critique, the whole world revolves around great food and good taste. The Global village that the world has become, has opened doors to the merger of countless cultural and cuisine exchange. Hoteliers have chefs called in from across the globe only for their customers to have the authentic cuisine experience. Over the years the food industry has evolved massively delighting food patrons across the globe and discovering exotic ways to churn out culinary marvels.

The migration of culinary culture across the globe has not only enchanted millions of taste buds but also diversified the cuisines and facilitated its availability to the local masses. Be it the mouth smouldering Szechwan from china or the deliciously appetising Hyderabadi biryani, it is the food that unites people as it has no boundaries. It is often spoken of how the French baking changed the way of cooking and the love for it with millions of food connoisseurs speaks in volumes. The same can be said about the sensational sizzlers gifted to the world from the kitchens of Mumbai. Speaking of Sizzlers and its dedicated place in the hearts and stomachs of every Indian is a result of the hard work and dedication by our restaurants across the nation. However Mumbai for the lucky city as it is rightly called was the origin of the amazing sizzler saga and it all boomed with ‘Kobe’ that’s became the tale teller of the sumptuous unification of delightful greens, mouth-watering meat which tasted so good that it became an instant hit throughout the city. Soon the city of dreams heard a delicious tale of jaw smacking cuisine that could be experienced only by the taste buds a feast in every aspect. Kobe has mastered the sizzler and is the forward most delicacy through which it has been delighting thousands of taste buds across the city. The love of Sizzlers is the driving force at ‘Kobe’ which keeps the team dedicated towards keeping the sizzler the way it is supposed to be with a perfect balance of lusciousness and zest which speaks volumes of the hard work and dedication in dishes like the chicken shashlik sizzler which is an amalgamation of grilled chicken in a skewer, on a bed of rice with sweet and sour sauce and fresh crunchy greens assorted with ‘Kobe’ traditional spices accompanied by a pile of crunchy fries which in all is the perfect meal for a perfect foodie. It would be a sin to miss out on the ‘steak Kobe-style’ available in your choice of protein which is a winner from the very first bite. You’ve already won the war when you hear the sound of the sizzling sizzler approaching you, believe it or not, it does make one drool, that is the deliciousness delivered at ‘Kobe’ by just the sound of its cuisine which is best with the in-house beverages and heart melting desserts the perfect conclusion to a perfect meal. Kobe is not all about the carnivores there’s a wide range of vegetarian sizzlers like the divine cheese and mushroom sizzler served with assorted boiled and grilled vegetables, French fries or mashed potatoes! In the city, Kobe is the most sought family restaurant for its food and great service and its heartfelt vow to sizzle   Always!Everywhere!

Kobe has efficiently managed to be on the top of the chart when it comes to its Sizzling Sizzlers and top notch service, which many try to achieve, some doing well with it, some making you hate the delicious cuisine for ‘Kobe’ to change. Often misinterpreted as oriental food some eateries changed the picture and delight of an actual Sizzler, which turned many smiles into not a very pleasant one. Being a favourite among the locals and serving real sizzlers since 70’s and being constantly visited by top notch personalities has not changed anything when it comes to our special sauces and the warm feel of the restaurant. Kobe continues to serve its patrons, its award-winning cuisine with a humble attitude and a warm feel making it ”the one place to be”, be it family, business lunch or a group of friends once you step into Kobe you’re part of the ‘Kobe’ excellence and bound to have a splendid eating experience. A full-service restaurant that strives hard to cater to every need of its patrons, it’s not only food that is served it is the values that Kobe strives hard to keep alive ‘Kobe’ believes in delivering nothing but sheer quality and perfect memories to be cherished until the next visit.

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