Our journey

Once upon a time, in Mumbai, nearly four decades ago, a journey began. Our journey.

It was 1975. And India’s first 70 mm stereophonic sound film had released at a theatre not very far from where we started off at about the same time.

Sparking off an unprecedented wave of appreciation across the country, it was declared one of the biggest hits of all time. An iconic film. A brand. SHOLAY.

Just a few kilometres from where it went on to ‘sizzle’ the screen for the next five and a half years, in a modest 600 square feet area, near India’s oldest surviving Opera House another brand was born. One that sizzles till date. It was christened KOBE.

Thirty-Eight years hence, with a footprint of more than twenty-five national and international locations, they tell us, we are a pioneer. An icon. Like Sholay.

We, at Kobe Sizzlers, take that as a compliment.

And one more thing. We promise to continue what Sholay sparked. To carry forward the torch, the flames. To give a superb performance.

We vow to sizzle. Always. Everywhere.

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