Sizzling in North America

Mississauga has got its own signature steak house. You read right! We’re officially in North America. You no longer have to wander from pillar to post for a ravishing sizzling portion of well-done steak anymore. Simply drive down to 808 Britannia Rd W #105, Mississauga, ON L5V 0A7 for an amazing steak experience.

Now there’s grilled beef and then there’s the authentic age-old sizzling steak experience that you can only get at Kobe Sizzlers. We choose only the best ingredients for our patrons; every ingredient is carefully sourced and prepared with love and secret Kobe recipes. If you are visiting for the first time, we suggest you ask for our signature Chicken or Beef Shashlik Sizzler and while you wait for it to sizzle sip on refreshing cold beverages that don’t disappoint. Our sizzlers will have you drooling way before its even on your table.

You now you have to go to Kobe Sizzlers when you want the best place to enjoy a nice sizzler. For decades this place has been a celebration place for families and young food enthusiasts. The Brand bears a very special place in the hearts of true food lovers. Kobe has its own clan of loyalists who have passed on the legacy of dining. The old school look and feel of this place is something that makes it stand out of the crowd that claims to serve the ‘best’ steak.

When you call for a sizzler at Kobe, here’s what you should expect. Lovely tender pieces of veggies, cabbage, beautiful pepper sauce with lots of fries and an amazing steak of your favourite meat sizzling with flavours.

Our patrons describe our food to be – ‘Subtle on the Spice but spot on with the taste.’

When at Kobe, you must try the Beef Steak Pepper Sizzler though!

The warm and prompt service only adds to the whole Kobe Sizzlers experience.

Being the first in the game, the advantage has served Kobe well and we take the best sizzler place ambition quite seriously. Having delivered thousands of ravenous sizzlers to the world on our drool inducing sizzling platters, Kobe crowns itself as the pioneer and Mecca of steak.

Whether it’s for the Chicken or the Beef Shaslik, the barbeque chicken or the paneer satellite, or simply the Kobe experience will keep you coming back for more.

808 Britannia Rd W #105, Mississauga
ON L5V 0A7

t: (905) 812-2700


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