Sizzling in the United Kingdom

Whispers of ‘best steak in London’ have been bandied about ever since Kobe Sizzlers opened its doors of amazing flavour to the Londoners. A worldwide search for the finest meat on a sizzling platter will bring you to this amazing sizzler joint. With a home-grown menu that features cherry-picked porterhouses, chateaubriand and t-bones, all bought by weight and ideal for sharing with friends … or likewise devoured alone (For those who DON’T share their love for food). You can pimp your meat with sides like fried eggs, bone marrow, or garlic butter, and wash it all down with quirky icy beverages, with the list described as a ‘purist’s delight’ by our connoisseurs.

Cooking steak is something of an art form at Kobe Sizzlers. Our meats are sourced from as far and wide as Nebraska and Italy, dry-aged on site in a temperature-controlled, dehumidified air and cooked in a charcoal oven permanently maintained at 375-400 degrees. Ever sticklers for the finest produce available, every ingredient that goes the making of a sizzler is carefully picked from 30 different suppliers. Our unabashed glamour comes from our juicy chunky-cut meat slabs. Clad in its instantly-recognizable cowhide get up and strewn with chandeliers and chequerboard patterns, the dining room is a befitting spot for its rustic menu. Think juicy meat cuts from cattle that graze exclusively on the lush greens, with sirloin, rump, fillet and rib eye cut to masterful precision and served a variety of ways for you to have the perfect eating experience.

Our website gives lessons in how to do steak right, with bountiful praise enjoyed across the capital and countries of the world. Found within 64-66 London Road, Leicester is the best place to tame your hunger pangs. When it comes to the food at Kobe Sizzlers: The signature chicken Shashlik is served alongside chunky ‘vintage cuts’ of juicy meat and crispy veggies. You know the steak is good when it is as at Flat Iron. The menu’s as base as the design, with the signature Chicken Shashlik and Beef satellite cooked to perfection or however you like it, with a smattering of classic, homely sides meaning it’s a steak lover’s dream come true. The steak is tender enough for you to savour the taste of our traditional home-style cooking. The multinational steak house also serves the best sizzling brownies in town, when we speak of the best, we mean simply irresistible indulgence. No reservations means, you might have to wait a little for your meat fix: but never fear, as Kobe Vows to sizzle, Always. Everywhere!

Fresh on the menu: We’re also serving Angus Meat.

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