Spread the sizzling experience

All around the world, when it is about lip-smacking sizzlers, Kobe Sizzlers is the ultimate brand. The sizzling experience of offering the best sizzlers, has always known to have satisfied its customers. But is it enough to partner with us?

Pioneers of sizzler restaurant chain

Kobe Sizzlers is a brand that popularises the “customer satisfaction” motto. And it is this belief that has helped the team to expand its market across the globe. Apart from adding to the delicious and healthy eating experience, Kobe always ensures prompt service. Along with that, our team ensures that only the best ingredients are used leaving so room for dissatisfaction. A calm and friendly atmosphere further has helped Kobe to attract more customers since its inception. And it is here that calls for the advantage of choosing us as the partner.

More than five million sizzlers dished out

Dishing out around five million sizzlers, Kobe Sizzlers has now become a brand in itself, apart from being a synonym of sizzlers. Being one of the oldest sizzlers restaurant chains, Kobe has earned an incomparable reputation and most importantly goodwill. Offering a classical menu and some exceptional dishes, Kobe has become a by-word among all the foodies, nationally and internationally.

An established brand for sizzlers all over the world

Apart from the “customer-satisfaction” priority, We also know the significance of high profits, experience and its impact on business markets. With a culminated experience of four decades and millions of satisfied customers every year and following a strict set of ethics and liberalised rules during crucial business operations, an opportunity to work with Kobe can be a milestone experience.

With the Indian food industry touching around Rs 408, 040 crores by the year 2018, India’s franchising industry can quadruple in volume in the next 5 years. With more chains, the Indian food industry is also expected to offer around 11 million opportunities with respect to employment. The threat of closing down some “mom-and- pop” stores, franchise growth has become predominantly vital. And with Kobe franchises, the potential to expand worldwide becomes easier. Currently operating in six countries, working with Kobe Sizzlers is bound to increase your profit margins.

Something for everyone

India has always been the nucleus for various palatable dishes. Keeping this in mind along with the rise of the hectic lifestyles that also calls for hygienic living standards, Kobe seeks to offer nothing but a delicious experience. Knowing that the combination of food and non-alcoholic beverages generally account for around 29% of total per capita consumer expenditure, We offer almost every kind of sizzler, some add-ons like Chilli Cheese Toast and Spaghetti Chicken, beverages like Orange Squash and Fresh Lime Soda but not alcohol. This further makes it easier for us to reach more customers, especially in cities like Muscat and Dubai. And when it becomes easier to reach the masses, Kobe as a partner is bound to bring in more smiles and, of course, more profits.

End to End support – We got your back

In case, you are still confused if your prior experience is enough to work with us, we have news. Making Kobe Sizzlers as your partner DOESN’T call for any kind of prior business experience. Adding to that, you shall be able to receive maximum support from our entire team. Basically, franchising Kobe is not just remunerative but also plain easy.

All said, waste no time further and join hands with Kobe Sizzlers now and be a part of this grand “sizzling” legacy!

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