The story of Kobe Sizzlers

Kobe’s vow to sizzle! – Always! Everywhere!

The legacy of Kobe sizzlers comes a long way from 1970’s when the very first restaurant; the only one of its kind, was inaugurated at Opera House in Mumbai. –Acclaimed internationally as one of The Best restaurants of the world and awarded international Gastronomic Award (“Europe 83”) by El Bar”. Ever since ‘Kobe’ has marvellously kept the sizzlers sizzling and tongues craving for more. It is the belief of the franchise that strongly believes in Good food and Great Quality service that has made ‘Kobe’ the best and the busiest sizzler joint in the city visited by personalities like the then aspiring Prime Minister late Mr Rajiv Gandhi.

Kobe and the World in the 70’s:

While India was enthralled by the on-screen magic of actors like Rajesh Khanna and Dev Anand, movies like Jhonny Mera Naam and the epic hit ‘SHOLAY’ on channels like Doordarshan the only black and white channel that started broadcasting for only 4 hours a day, A Mumbai-based  veteran and food enthusiast Kailash Seth gave the city a sizzling eating experience by the name Kobe Sizzlers at Opera House in 1975.We exhaled a trend in bringing in colour in the then black and white culture.

While the city went gaga over the India-England tour, when Tony Greg was the England captain back then we at ‘Kobe’ were busy spreading colours through its exquisite cuisine.

In an era that saw times best fashion statements ever with the stylish bell bottoms and colour induced polka dots along with a high fashion upkeep and style. The 70’s was a great decade for the entire world. The world witnessed sensational instant Oscar-winning blockbuster The Godfather (1972) starring Al Pacino, William Friedkin’s horror classic The Exorcist (1973) and Star Wars (1977.) One of Hollywood’s best sci-fi of all time.

The 1970s played host to the Iranian Revolution that affected global attitudes to and among those of the Muslim faith. The decade that saw, one of biggest breaks through; NASA’s Apollo 13 mission apart from the worldwide revolutions in technology and culture with mind blowing cars like Chevrolets corvette, Range Rovers and Dodge’s Colt that drove style and class across the world of automobiles. It was during the very year that Brazil bagged the world their third World Cup title a breakthrough in the sports world.

Our beginning:

Spread across 600sq.ft then, we served chunks of chicken or beef, cooked as you would; a steak, on a hot iron or sizzling plate with boiled vegetables and house fries as accompaniments. Once plated, the dish let off billowing steam and in that spectacle of steam laid its big appeal which earned us the privilege of serving personalities like late Mr Rajiv Gandhi among other renowned personalities of times, both then and now.

It was we that brought true meaning and zest to the actual concept of sizzlers which was then believed to be a continental cuisine and made it a jaw smacking trend through time. From a platter full of veggies and meat to an exquisite delicious delight ‘Kobe’ can be rightly called the mascot of sizzlers in Mumbai. It is our hard work and dedication that grabbed the attention of various publications across the Globe.

The menu is a special compilation of the best jaw smacking sizzlers in the City. A platter at ‘Kobe’ will leave you no space for alcohol. We serve a refreshing range of in-house beverages to add to your delight of quality food and great taste with family and friends.

Our Belief:

‘Kobe’ believes in providing quality food along with a great eating experience. The perfect place to enjoy a ginormous platter and sizzling goodness with family and friends. ‘Kobe’ uses the best home-made ingredients for its sizzlers and has been doing so since the 70’s.

Indulge into the juicy protein of your choice; Medium rare or rare we do it with perfection. The fresh greens with lamb, Mutton chicken and beef complement each other giving you an amazing eating experience.

Come in for the famous Kobe specialities like Chicken Shashlik & Steak satellite blended with the secret homemade sauces which will make you gorge all of it and still wish for more. Conclude your feast with ‘Kobe’ most loved ice tea and brownies.

Sparking a trend in the culinary culture of the city is what Kobe is proud of. A memorable dining experience; warm service in an enticing ambience simply adds to the perfect sizzler experience. We at ‘Kobe’ create sizzling magic with our ravishing sizzler platters.

Get sizzling at the best Sizzler place Kobe, we vow to sizzle, Always! Everywhere!

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