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You and us… The ingredients of a success story.

The cornerstone of our business philosophy is to bring a well-designed operation to the “restaurant business”, providing good food, great service in a family environment.
Our experienced management and kitchen personnel treat each customer as a friend who is welcome to enjoy our surroundings at their leisure. We have been the oldest sizzler restaurant chain, starting our initial operations in 1975 from Mumbai. Good food is the most important part of our food service operations, it brings customers back time and again.


The one thing that is commonly famous in every corner of the world is its Food. Food has amazingly travelled beyond tradition and borders. Countries today are known for the distinguished cuisine they serve. Food is celebrated across the globe at numerous food festivals which showcase the riches of different nations in terms of their spices, taste, herbs and methods of cooking. Today most of the people take interest in experiencing different kinds of food, throughout.

Innovation has always been hand in hand with the evolution of food. The inquisitive nature of man to improve what’s on his platter has given numerous culinary marvels to the world. One such marvel of innovative cuisine is the “Sizzler”.

Served on a special heavy metal sizzler plate, with lots of vegetables & chicken, fish, steak etc., mostly served with rice, heated to a very high temperature separately, food is served with our secret sauce, the sizzling sound it makes has given this dish the name “sizzler”. Around the globe, Kobe sizzlers are the most popular joints serving sizzlers. Kobe has mushroomed Franchisee in different parts of the country. The concern has been into this business for almost a decade delivering good quality foods products, in the name of Kobe Sizzler, and to increase its sales not only in the Indian market but also in the International market.

Started in the year 1975 at Opera House; Sukhsagar Mumbai, Kobe has emerged as a brand in the city and has been catering since the past four decades. The legacy of Kobe is maintained by the Kobe Specialities mainly Chicken Shashlik, Steak Satellite and Fish Sizzlers some of the signature dishes among others. With in-house Ice Tea, and the people’s favourite; Sizzling Brownie, Kobe’s inculcates its traditions and being a family restaurant, Kobe does not sell alcohol in our restaurant. The dish is large enough to pack a person’s healthy appetite. Kobe caters to mainly college students during the day and is usually buzzing with families in the evenings. Having said that we are most happy to have you as a part of the Kobe family.

With a vast experience, recognition and goodwill, Kobe is an Old School Brand in the field of Sizzlers. Kobe has explored the possibility of increasing the sales in both Indian and International markets.

Kobe aims to satisfy customers around the globe. With a celebrated growth experience throughout the past decades, the enterprise is well versed with the market situations. The firm has grown Franchisees in the cities across India, Muscat, U.A.E., New Zealand and soon be the synonym of ‘’Sizzlers’’ across the globe.

If our ideas principles appeal to your interests, we invite you to explore our model system thoroughly and approach us.

Spreading the Kobe experience. Always! Everywhere!

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