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Sizzling in North America

Mississauga has got its own signature steak house. You read right! We’re officially in North America. You no longer have to wander from pillar to post for a ravishing sizzling [...]

Spread the sizzling experience

All around the world, when it is about lip-smacking sizzlers, Kobe Sizzlers is the ultimate brand. The sizzling experience of offering the best sizzlers, has always known to [...]

How To Grill The Perfect Steak

A perfectly grilled steak has the power to take over your senses and send you on a zesty food trip. Browned and lightly charred on the outside, juicy and tender inside, that’s [...]

Sizzling in the United Kingdom

Whispers of ‘best steak in London’ have been bandied about ever since Kobe Sizzlers opened its doors of amazing flavour to the Londoners. A worldwide search for the finest [...]

Be a part of the culinary legacy

Food has always been the major reason for billions of people to work hard. The wide range of herbs and spices along with the sensational aroma of each dish does indeed create [...]

We are franchising

You and us… The ingredients of a success story. The cornerstone of our business philosophy is to bring a well-designed operation to the “restaurant business”, providing [...]

Because Kobe made your sizzlers!

Everybody loves a delight on their platter and we wish to serve our customers with their best. Great emphasis is given to the quality and taste that comes out of a dish [...]

Our philosophy

Kobe Sizzlers is a sizzler joint and steak house brand specialising in the creation of high-quality sizzlers. Our philosophy is really very simple: Quality sizzlers. A warm [...]

Our journey

Once upon a time, in Mumbai, nearly four decades ago, a journey began. Our journey. It was 1975. And India’s first 70 mm stereophonic sound film had released at a theatre [...]

Our food

Though Sizzlers are our signature meal, we have an assortment of offerings to suit varied palates. Our extensive menu, designed by our highly experienced food experts, [...]


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