Can Sizzlers be a complete meal for the family?

Today when so much is being said about practising a perfect diet to keep up with our hectic and demanding lifestyle, there are still some who are so hard pressed for time that they mostly skip meals more often than we can imagine. Fast food joints promise easy food at cheap rates and they are touted as on the go food items. However, they are neither filling nor nutritious and can greatly take a toll on the body after a point of time with so much unnecessary fat and salt entering our system. If one has to eat out, does it not make much more sense to have something which is whole and filling and would keep us going through the entire day. Sizzlers can be the perfect answer to this problem.


Now before one starts being judgmental about sizzlers being too much for an everyday meal, let us just look at what it consists of. A sizzler platter mostly consists of meat and there are assorted vegetables to go with it as well. A lot of restaurants take customised orders from clients these days and so if you do not want the meal to be too spicy or rich, just order sizzler with less hot sauce and oil and you can even order smaller portions if you want to. Throw in a couple of slices of bread and you have a high protein diet which is delicious and wholesome. It would still be a healthier meal than the doughnuts, burgers and fries that we mostly tend to pick up when are late to or from work.


In similar occasions, if there is an outing for the family and one has run out of ideas, then noting can serve as a better go-to destination than a sizzler joint. Every family has a personal favourite when it comes to these restaurants and Kobe in Bombay is home to quite a few clients, right through a couple of generations. Kobe has a simple mantra to serve its clients and they run on two basic and simple policies- great taste and hygiene bordering on OCD! They source all the ingredients from the choicest locations in India and abroad, and their meat is sourced from government registered meat houses. All their sauces are made in-house with their own recipe and what they present to the families on a platter is sheer joy and comfort.

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