Enjoy Sizzlers home style with Kobe steaks

Sizzlers are the best when it comes to good food and wholesome meal. There are very few on this planet that would not enjoy a perfect platter of sizzlers. Sizzlers have been an integral part of Bombay for a long time and it mostly consists of steaks and even barbequed meat. No dish can match the drama of a sizzler and there is something very special about the effort that goes into preparing it. At first, the meat has to be properly grilled and even before that, it has to be properly marinated.


 A variety of spices goes into making the perfect blend. Kobe is already a speciality restaurant because of its steaks and sizzlers. Meat that has been allowed to rest for a long time often becomes too soft and one needs to control the temperature in which it is being marinated.


Once the meat is just tender and the spices have all blended in, it is time to put the meat into the grill and that is when the magic starts. The aroma that spreads through the restaurant often brings in more customers from the surroundings. There are instances when loyal customers for ages have often tried to extract the secret behind the perfect blend but that is something that most restaurants guard fiercely. It is not every day that a winning combination is made and once the perfect formula has been achieved, it just works.


The way in which the meat spits and hisses in the grill is enough to make the bystanders know that magic is in progress. Those who like their meat the old-fashioned way often prefer wood smokers to the new age grills. The wood smokers infuse the meat with the aroma of the chestnut trees, the wood mostly used for this kind of cooking. Kobe in Bombay how crucial it can be to pick out the right cooking techniques and for years they have infused new flavours in their meat to make it one of the best in town. 

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