Get the best Sizzler in town with Kobe Sizzlers

There are times when we crave the best and nothing less than a mouthwatering and sumptuous meal would do. Sizzlers are definitely going to fulfil this craving. Some of the most well-known sizzler joints of the world have two basic principles to follow- great taste and affordability. Sizzlers and barbeque are mostly enjoyed by a large group of friends and family and when you can make a lot of people happy with your food, the experience is truly a rewarding one. Not everyone knows the kind of hard work that goes into making a perfect sizzler. While sizzler is actually the name of the dish, what comprises it mainly is a grand steak.


And meat for steak has to be chosen with care, with that perfect ratio of meat and fat. When put on the fire and slow cooked, the meat would hiss and spit and it will not turn stringy or dry. It takes the eye of a connoisseur to appreciate the best quality meat and what follows next is a hunt of choice ingredients that would further enhance the flavour of the meat. There have been innumerable cases when new sizzler joints have perfected the art of making steaks and sizzlers after they have followed the feedback of the customers. Those who frequent sizzler joints know more about sizzlers and meat than we can ever imagine.
When Kobe Sizzlers first opened its doors, it was one of a kind restaurant too and they wanted to carve out a niche for themselves by offering something very unique to the city on a large scale. It basically had the same impact as Sholay and both went on to receive cult status among the people of the city. So much drama on the screen or on the platter was unprecedented before and people loved it. Kobe has now become synonymous with the city and things will only get bigger than and better from here. Sizzlers are meant to be fun and the experience of having it is the exact opposite of what you might expect in a gourmet restaurant. It is hard to find another place in the heart of Mumbai that is so relaxing and comfortable both for the youngsters and the elders in the family alike. It is a tradition on to itself and with the loyal patrons, the journey seems like it has just started.

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