Best sizzler restaurant franchise

Pioneer of sizzler restaurant chain.
Four decades of experience in business.
Presence in eight countries.
Our journey began.
More than five million sizzlers dished out.

You and us… The ingredients of a success story.

Kobe Sizzlers is the oldest Sizzler specialty restaurant chain established in 1975. With signature dishes mastered in our kitchens in the 70’s and innovative concepts, This franchise can be managed by all, even franchisees with no restaurant experience. Our team will provide all the ingredients for a sizzler business startup. All you need is a hunger for success! This package is the first glimpse for a new relationship us and you. The cornerstone of our business philosophy is to bring a well designed operations to the “restaurant business”, providing good food, great service in a family environment.

Our experienced management and kitchen personnel treat each customer as a friend who is welcome to enjoy our surroundings at their leisure. We have been the oldest sizzler restaurant chain, starting our initial operations in 1975 from Mumbai. Good food is the most important part of our food service operations, it brings customers back time and again.

Our goal with the following information package is to offer insight into our business and this amazing franchise. We take a different stance in this competitive business when it comes to franchising; we actually provide the franchisee services  with a foundation of support in addition to a superior product. Our culture is based on some principles, that stand on a goal- Customer’s satisfaction.  We see our Franchisee’s as happy as possible through their successfully ran business’s, as well as to witness the Kobe Sizzler brand spreading across the globe.


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