Sizzlers: One of the most loved dishes

Sizzlers are a game changer in any gathering and they can instantly lift the mood of all those who are present. This dish has many variations and can be served in both meat and fish variations in the non-veg category and even in vegetarian categories as well. What one needs to know is that it can be customised according to the likes and dislikes of any client and hence, one can never go wrong with sizzlers. On its own, a sizzler platter might seem a bit overwhelming because honestly it is a large enough dish and one platter can serve quite a few servings. One should not worry about the fire as such because most of the meat is cooked on grill and maintaining the temperature is kind of more important.


Those who are still using wood smokers would understand that any meat, when infused with chestnut smoke, would take on an entirely new dense flavour that runs right through the meat and takes it to a whole new level, something that cannot be achieved with modern iron grills. It is this love and passion for food that drives most new experimental chefs and as of now, Kobe in Bombay has ticked all the boxes correctly right through its inception. Depending on what goes into making the perfect sizzler, sizzlers can be priced very steeply as well.


Although it is not a gourmet dish, there are high-end restaurants that want to present regular food in a more artful manner and that means using some very exotic ingredients to further enhance the dish. But the winner in any sizzler platter is the meat and one has to be a connoisseur to be able to pick out the very best for their restaurants. Sometimes the places from where the meat is sourced become the deal maker of a steak restaurant and Kobe Sizzlers in Bombay has not made any mistake ever in that regard.


A presentation of the sizzler matters as much as the taste and placing the sizzler on the hot plate comes entirely at the end. The amount of effort and preparation that goes into making it ready before that is what makes perfecting the sizzler a daunting task. Thanks to the brilliant chefs at Kobe, patrons can enjoy authentic flavours and great taste, without having to worry about the quality at all, which is of course top notch.

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