Why not a sizzler?

Sizzlers have derived their name from the term Sizzling, and why not? It is hard to find a dish this glamorous and it is hard to come across something as beautiful as well because sizzlers present a very wholesome and satisfying picture as a whole that we do not often appreciate before we dig in. One of the best ways to find out if you really like to eat something is to figure out how frequently so you fantasise about having it. And if we talk of food fantasies, sizzlers will top the list no doubt. Sizzlers are the best thing to happen to anybody and if a meat lover has never tried a real sizzler platter, then he is not a fanatic enough. Sizzlers are meant for celebrations and it is what you have when your spirits are high.

In fact, they have the power to lift you up and put you on cloud nine if your spirits are low as well. Sizzlers are mostly of beef steaks and other grilled items of meat like lamb, goat or chicken, and even fish and prawns or cottage cheese for the vegetable variant. There is also always an assortment of sides to be had alongside as well. Sizzlers promote a sense of unity among those having the food together and even before the food arrives on the table, the sizzling sound and smoke announces its arrival and increases our anticipation. There is no way around it when it is laid in front and the first bite is the winning moment. After this it is just a sensory and olfactory delight that refuses to die down and we wish we could have saved some of it for future delights.

We at Kobe Sizzlers- we vow to sizzle! Always, everywhere.

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